your body is trying to tell you something

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.. are on a mission to finally finish that to-do list

.. feel anxious, worried and keep waiting for the next thing and the next to make us happy unable to stay in the here and now

.. are lost on this journey of self-discovery, leaving us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

.. don’t honor our own needs and instead continue to run around pleasing others thinking it's what makes us happy 

.. until we're so tired we don't feel like doing anything anymore 

so many of us go from day to day not really intentionally being with ourselves

I know because I’ve been there myself


I was stressed and anxious, living in the future and at the same time keeping a narrative of the past on repeat in my mind. Going from task to task, trying to please everyone around me, avoiding myself...losing myself in the process.

I had read enough mindfulness books, taken enough yoga courses to know that coming to the present moment, meditation and daily yoga practice were the key to really listening to my body, but the rush of daily life made it too easy to forget the path, let it slip away. "Tomorrow," I'd say. "I'll start tomorrow." Then tomorrow would come, and the to-dos would win the day.

Until my body took a stand to demand it. 

in fact, that was me a couple of years ago

All the people pleasing, all the unspoken words, all the swallowed tears and feelings, they began to show up physically on my face. Rosacea, an as per western medicine incurable skin disease.

The Rosacea kept me hidden from the world. I spent two years spiralling through western and eastern remedies, everything making my skin and mental state worse rather than better. When I decided to finally listen to the call my inner being was making.

What felt like a burden at first was, in fact, an act of love from my inner being, a reminder, soft at first, and then screaming, telling me to finally be present, to take space, to take care of myself, to speak my truth, to prioritize myself. It was time to listen.

- sandry

Your program is guiding me through every day, every week like a light, which I can follow in trust cause I feel there is healing and there is a place where I can be me.

So again, thank you so much from the heart Jana for sharing and being here.

your body is trying to tell you something

My journey back to myself began with a daily yoga & meditation practice and even though I struggled to show up I kept going. I moved my body, mindfully with intention, and slowly my mind began to become more present and it became easier each day to listen to my body. 

It wasn't perfect, during the day I would lose touch with the present and drift away, but the more I learnt to consciously breathe, the easier it became to come back to the present moment and reconnect to what really mattered

I'm ready

By being more present I..

was able to notice thought patterns, negativity, and through the awareness I was able to change

began to notice when I wasn’t being myself, when I wasn’t speaking my truth so I was able to begin living more in alignment with who I really am

began to prioritise what really mattered based on my energy

was able to enjoy the small things in everyday life

a daily meditation & yoga practice changed my life, it brought me back to me, and it can bring you back to this moment too.

Hi there, I'm Jana in case we haven't met.

I have since studied more than 800 hours in yoga teacher trainings, deepened my knowledge in mindful living, nutrition, and am currently studying holistic health and intuitive eating.

Nothing in my life has ever happened according to a plan. When I let go of overthinking, and surrender to my intuition and trusting that I know when the time is right to move or act, everything seems to flow and unfold. Reminding myself over and over to let go and feeling the fear yet doing it anyway, trusting what I know from within even if I can’t explain the why.

Yoga is relearning to trust this inner intelligence. Coming back into your body, back into the connection with your inner being.

who am i?

a journey beyond inspiration

An intimate digital yoga space where we journey together into the present moment through somatic yoga flows, meditation and our breath. Join us and dive into the root of your being, nurture your growth and align with your inner being.


and so i created

I'm ready

- mila

Thank you so much for the class today. It helped me a lot to ground myself again and to be present.

weekly yoga

Move with your breath, and connect deeper within, root back down into your body. By connecting with your body in our somatic yoga flows, you will start to feel more deeply, and begin to notice more of what you really are feeling so that you can show up more intentionally in your everyday life.

Moving your body mindfully also helps move feelings that are stuck, letting them flow, releasing what needs to be released

take a look inside:


We begin each month together, with an intimate
online women's circle where we connect, meditate, share and dive deeper into the theme of the month.

Beyond is a space to root back into your body. A safe space where we support each other to feel, to release and learn to reconnect with our intuition, to listen within and sense,  ultimately to connect back to ourselves.

Studies show that smoking, obesity, happiness, and even loneliness are contagious. So community and having support to heal, grow and form healthy habits such as connecting deeper with your inner being is an important factor in succeeding with your new path.

The circle will be held via zoom on the first Sunday of each month at 17:00 CET (Berlin).

sunday self care

Every Sunday you will receive a slow, gentle moving meditation & breath practice together with journaling prompts. Learn the tools to breathe through the stressful everyday moments, reduce stress and create space for more self-love.

Become more aware of thoughts and feelings through journaling, notice repetitive patterns of negative self-talk, explore feelings and thoughts that you might be scared to say out loud or to share with others. Figure out what's really going on beneath the surface so that you can know yourself and the way you interact with the world more authentically.

monthly theme

We will focus on one thing at a time. We begin with acceptance in January. Reclaiming part of the day for ourselves. To nurture and nourish our body and mind.

We continue with connecting with self sabotage in February, gratitude in March and more.

Do you feel tired, exhausted and in need of a break?

Do you long to honor your needs and start prioritizing yourself and your well-being?

Do you long to feel connected with your body, being able to listen within so that you can show up with more presence and love in your every day life?

Yes, I'm ready to start listening to my body!

is this really for me?

Do you feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed and find yourself having reactions and outbursts that don't feel like it's really you?

“most of our dissatisfaction comes from not being ourselves, from not knowing who we are, from not knowing our true nature or being, from not being free to be ourselves.”

-Dr. Gabor Mate

Begin each month with an intimate women's circle, connecting to the theme of the month and rooting into a community of wonderful beings.
A safe space to share.


Practice your monthly themed lymphatic drainage & meditation morning routine every day, and allow your body to ground into a new yoga session each week (pre-recorded to be practiced at your own time).


Get ready for the week ahead with your weekly Sunday Self Care - a moving meditation with journaling prompts and a heart warming recipe. A moment for just you.


How it works

love letters from inside the community:

are you ready to go beyond the inspiration of a quote, to return to the present moment, to your body, to your inner being? 

1x Themed workbook with journaling prompts,
book recommendations & recipes
1x Live women's circle (75 min)
4x Somatic yoga flows (40-60 min) 
4x Moving meditation Sunday self-care (30 min)
1x Themed lymphatic release morning ritual (15 min)
1x Yoga in bed evening flow (15 min)

monthly inclusions 

+ a library of practices & workbooks from October, November and December 

(worth 141 USD)



Join me live on the 7 January 2024, for a 75 minute moving meditation & intention setting encounter. Instead of setting new years goals from a lack of self love, let's set intentions rooted in our heart and inner being.

New Years Intention (live)

(worth 47 USD)

Three yoga sessions where we root deeply into our bodies, filmed in the beautiful energy of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala (Released on 20 January 2024).

3 x 90 minute classes

(worth 79 USD)

The four steps that helped me create a morning routine I stick to, and now can't wait to wake up to.

4 steps to sticking to your morning routine

(worth 27 USD)

How to create your unique space at home for your yoga practice.

How to set up your yoga & meditation space at home

(worth 27 USD)

My five favorite warming beverages for those chilly winter days, this is an exclusive recipe e-book not available for separate purchase.

5 warming winter drinks e-book

(worth 17 USD)

Join me for 3 months and receive 4x 60 minute live classes via zoom in January, Wednesdays at 11 am EST, 17:00 CET. The recording will be shared.

4 x live classes on zoom

(worth 111 USD)

special bonus

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