Jana Shala

Yoga brought me back into my body. Slowing down, and moving with intention, to feel more deeply instead of focusing on the end result of the shape and posture enabled me to listen to the voice within and let it guide me towards a life with meaning. This is what I want to share with you. A deeper connection, a deeply felt experience, towards a more meaningful life.

For me, it wasn't until rosacea, a skin disease without a known cure according to doctors, appeared on my face that I truly began my search for something deeper—a journey to reconnect with my body. All the people-pleasing, all the unspoken words, and all the swallowed tears and feelings manifested physically on my face, sending me spiralling down a path of antibiotics and from one skincare brand to another.

What felt like a burden at first was, in fact, an act of love from my inner being—a reminder, soft at first, then screaming, urging me to be present, to take care of myself, to speak my truth, to prioritize myself. It was time to listen! Eager to understand my intuition, I embarked on a journey through yoga, breathwork, and meditation to return to my body.

Don’t wait until your body screams at you like I did, don’t wait for a disease or until you have lost all connection, start now, return to living in tune with your body, to living in alignment with your inner being, return to that feeling of freedom and tranquillity - your Inner Shala.


the yoga i share

After years of immersing myself into the world of yoga I still felt that something was missing so my search for something deeper continued and I dove deeper into embodiment practices. Today I blend traditional yoga, interwoven with embodiment practices, drawing inspiration from mystical exploration, Tai Chi, and Qigong. This holistic approach aims to reconnect individuals with their innate body movements and energy flows. A re-encounter with the intuitive movements and energetic flows of the body, Today my practice is an exploration of intentional movement flows which expand our capability to sense and feel more.

my studies

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours) 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Brett Larkin (300 Hours) 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Sam Akers (50 Hours)

Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training, The Practice Bali (10 Hours)

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, FluidUs Academy (300 Hours) 

The Deeper Body & The Lymphatic System (30 Hours) 

Listen within. Shala Studio is here for you if you need us


Return to your body