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Welcome to Inner Shala

Your online yoga space, for inner peace, and wellbeing.

Your Inner Shala, your inner home, the source of your strength and wisdom

We invite you to join us on a journey within, a journey of discovering a sense of stillness and strength. A journey toward a deeper connection with your body and self.

At Inner Shala, we recognize your inner wisdom. With each intuitive movement and purposeful breath we explore the connection between your body, breath, and mind to develop your Inner Shala.

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Shala, derived from sanskrit, meaning: home.
Inner Shala - Inner Home was conceived as a place where yoga meets intentional living.
A place where you can rediscover your Inner Shala - the source of your wellbeing and happiness.

The Meaning Behind Inner Shala

Yoga brought me back into my body. Slowing down, and moving with intention, to feel more deeply instead of focusing on the end result of the shape and posture enabled me to listen to the voice within and let it guide me towards a life with meaning. This is what I want to share with you. A deeper connection, a deeply felt experience, towards a more meaningful life.

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“Jana has this incredible soft & calm energy, that just soaks into you leaving you feel so relaxed.”

- Clara

"Its lovely to have a sense of ritual and self care, thank you for creating this space"

- Kirsty

"I'm so grateful for Inner Shala, it's my little temple that keeps me grounded."

- Sarah

Work with me 1:1 

When was the last time you felt truly connected to the sensations of your body and fully aware of the present moment?

I invite you to let me guide you on a personalised journey of reconnection with your body and true self.

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